To become a world-class construction sector company with a focus on infrastructure development and related services operating across South Africa. Delivery of infrastructure and related services in a sustainable way to facilitate economic and social development for our communities.


Preferred multi-disciplined company in the marketplace.


Based on the principles of mutual respect & honesty.



  • Our belief in what we do
  • Hard work and dedication to the tasks undertaken.
  • Ensuring we deliver on what we have promised.


  • Our people by prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our people above all else and ensuring that they have the necessary tools and training to carry out their work safely and effectively
  • Our customers/stakeholders through striving for delivery excellence on time and in budget.
  • Our communities and the environment by minimizing the potentially negative impacts of our activities and positively contributing to broader society


  • Appreciating the environment in which we operate.
  • Acknowledging others’ differences
  • Treating each other with trust and dignity.


  • Taking responsibility for our actions.
  • TBeing transparent in keeping record of our activities and the disclosure thereof
  • Being ultimately answerable for our actions.


  • Being consistent in our actions and in adhering to our core values
  • Conducting our business undertakings honestly, openly, directly and ethically.

UBUHLE 79 TRADING ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD will provide products and services which comply with agreed and legal requirements. UBUHLE 79 TRADING ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD Management is committed to ensure that the principles of right first time and zero deviation are adopted in all levels of the company.

Quality Assurance

UBUHLE 79 TRADING ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD values its standards of high quality which are attained through ongoing research and development, a commitment to customer satisfaction, staff improvement and modern facilities and equipment. UBUHLE 79 TRADING ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD formalized its Quality System to provide its customers with the assurance that they will receive products and services which meet their ongoing needs.

Quality Commitment

UBUHLE 79 TRADING ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD is committed to work according to the quality requirements of the prescribed specifications of each contract and within the frameworks of accepted industry standards. This undertaking is achieved by ensuring that project supervision personnel are trained, properly briefed and geared to respond to quality control procedures and by management being committed to and supportive of the quality assurance process.